A one stop solution for energy savings

Intgeni is a one stop solution for energy savings from high side to low side on HVAC systems & operations, empowering clients by reducing carbon footprint with solutions-based products providing Energy Savings up to 55%.

Our team consist of world class experts and technologists in refrigerant optimization, HVAC, heat pumps, semiconductors, lighting, and mechanical and electrical engineering.

We set ourselves apart by focusing on delivering commercially viable, highly differentiated solutions which can help drive a net reduction in global carbon emissions.

Successful partnerships with 75F®, Articmaster & BRIDLE resulted in providing energy efficiency to HVAC systems without sacrificing thermal comfort.

Intgeni also introduces ‘IoT’ integration of HVAC & Lighting systems & operations in your buildings. We further optimize your buildings HVAC & Lighting.

Hence, delivering complete automation with energy management.

Intgeni’s core focus lies in collaborating with organizations who believe in reducing global carbon emissions by providing them with sustainable, effective and cost reducing energy saving solutions, without causing inconvenience or loss of comfort.

We aim at leading the market in providing energy saving solutions through our innovative and viable partnerships.

Environmental sustainability

We care for our planet. With increasing global temperatures we should acknowledge the need for energy saving solutions.


Empowered to do the right thing with consistent and high ethical standards in everything we do by embracing honesty, fairness, respect and safety.


Providing progressive energy solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers and promote the advancement of responsible energy management.


Committed to identifying and consistently serving the best interests of our customers.


Being an active, contributing and respected member of the communities we serve.


Providing an empowering and supportive workplace that facilitates personal growth and development.


Leading the industry by pursuing excellence and innovative solutions, demonstrating the highest standards and unlocking the hidden potential to create a more efficient, sustainable world.