Q: Can Articmaster be connected to all types of compressors?

A: Yes, except for centrifugal and vapor absorption system.

Q: What are the energy savings expected?

A: 20 – 35% for air cooled condensers and 8 – 10% for water cooled.

Q: Does Articmaster hamper the functioning and life of the compressor?

A: No, on the contrary, Articmaster will enhance the life of the compressor as it will reduce the load on the compressor by a min of 20%.

Q: Articmaster can be used onto what capacity of air-conditioners?

A: Articmaster product range can be installed on air-conditioners ranging from 1 T to 1000 T.

Q: What is the maintenance required for Articmaster?

A: Articmaster does not have any electrical or moving parts and hence there is no maintenance after the installation.

Q: How does Articmaster save energy?


1. Articmaster increases the condensing area by pushing the liquid at the Sub cooling from the condenser.

2. The increased condensing area makes the discharge pressure to drop. The drop in discharge pressure reduces the current drawn by the compressor.

3. The drop in discharge pressure also reduces the temperature of the refrigerant due to better condensing (P T).

4. The liquid refrigerant entering into Articmaster is made to rotate in a Whirlpool/ Vortex motion.

5. The swirling whirlpool creates a low pressure at the centre making the liquid to sub cool further.

6. The colder evaporator coil temperature increases the condensation level of moisture in the air, removing more moisture and latent heat.

7. As the evaporator coil becomes colder, the delta T at the evaporator is increased –

Room set point is attained quickly making the compressor to cut off quickly or makes compressor to reduce load.

Less energy is needed to run the compressor.

Less current drawn by the compressor while running also reduces the energy consumption.

Enhances the life of compressor.






Q: What are the quality certifications of Articmaster?

A: Articmaster is certified by ASME, UL and it is manufactured from an ISO company from USA.

Q: What are the applications of Articmaster?

A: Articmaster can be effectively used in Air Conditioning, Refrigeration and Heat pump applications.

Q: Can Articmaster deliver results for all types of Refrigerant?

A: Yes, but need to specify the type especially for R410a.

Q: How much time it will take to install Articmaster?

A: Normally it will take 4 – 8 hours.

Q: What is the life of Articmaster?

A: More than 30 years useful life and we give 3 year warranty.

Q: Do OEMs approve of installing Articmaster in their ACs?

A: Yes, case to case approval is given by OEMs and AMCs for installation of Articmaster.  Since the savings is 20%, our clients talk to the OEMs/AMCs to accept installation of Articmaster.  With this kind of savings they can afford to recover the cost of the AC/Chillers within 2-3 years.  

Q: What is my payback period (ROI)?

A: Average payback period is less than 2 years.

Q: Will Articmaster give savings in AC that are rated 5 Star by BEE?

A: Yes, Articmaster will give savings in BEE rated AC products.

Q: Does Articmaster act as a flash gas economizer or a sub-cooler?

A:  No, it is a condenser controller that reduces the delivery pressure and increases the condensing area of the condenser.

Q: AC Units retrofitted with Articmaster requires approx. 20% additional refrigerant charge?

A: Yes, but this additional charge stays inside the Articmaster.

Q: Is Articmaster an accumulator?

A: An Accumulator is a device that is connected after the evaporator and helps to avoid liquid flood back to the compressor whereas Articmaster is installed at the condenser circuit. The Accumulator holds the unabsorbed liquid refrigerant and allows only the vapor to go to the compressor suction so that it avoids any liquid flood back and thus avoiding spoiling the compressor and the accumulator does not increase the cooling efficiency or reduce energy consumption of the HVAC system. Whereas Articmaster helps HVAC system to improve the efficiency and thus saves energy.

Q: Is Articmaster a receiver?

A: A receiver in the HVAC system does not reduce/alter the delivery pressure. A receiver does not increase the sub cooling level of the refrigerant. A receiver does not condense the flash gas and introduction of a receiver will not give increase the cooling efficiency or reduction of energy whereas Articmaster does all of the above.

Q: Suction pressure also reduces if evaporator coil becomes colder, compression ratio increases for the same discharge.

A: There is also delivery pressure drop. The drop in delivery pressure is more than the drop in suction pressure making the CR to a lower number.

Q.Does BRIDLE Fit Into All Types Of Air Conditioners?
  1. BRIDLE (Model No:BR 100) can be fitted on Consumer Air conditioners that run on single-phase power.
  2. However, BRIDLE (Model No: BR300 Series) can be used with 3 phase higher capacity package/ductable ACs and multi-compressor units..
Q: Can I Use BRIDLE-PRO With Inverter AC Units?

No; BRIDLE-PRO cannot be used with the Inverter AC unit as BRIDLE currently doesn’t communicate with the OUTDOOR UNIT.
But BRIDLE-NDX intelligent IR Blaster can be used to manage and control Inverter ACs from Remote Cloud. 

Q:Does BRIDLE helps us achieve BEE recommendation on SETPOINTS on building space?

Yes, the Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Ministry of Power – Govt. of India issued a notification on recommended cooling set points for building spaces and their impact on Energy conservation and reduction of GHG/CO2 emissions.

Bridle is designed to achieve this goal primarily by locking the SETPOINTS and giving only access to authorized to change the setpoints; Which enables organizations to contribute to their sustainability initiatives by reduction of CO2 emissions from HVAC operations.

Q: How Much Energy Savings Can I Expect from BRIDLE THERMOSTAT?

Bridle works in such a way that it continuously monitors the wasted energy and puts it to efficient use. The savings keep varying based on ambient conditions and patterns of usage. An average annual savings of 30% can be expected.

Q: My AC Usage Is Minimal (Only 2-3 Hours A Day); Can I Still Use BRIDLE and save energy?

BRIDLE enhances the energy efficiency of air conditioners if the runtime is more than 6-7 Hours. But still BRIDLE Temperature lock can ensure savings lesser than projected. 

Q: How Difficult Is Installation Of BRIDLE?

BRIDLE is fixed outside/inside the AC unit, and installation can be done by any trained AC technician in a matter of few minutes. 

Q:What If My AC Supplier Or AMC Provider Objects Using A Third Party Device With The AC Unit?

BRIDLE does not alter any mechanical/Electrical or HVAC mechanisms. BRIDLE does not bypass any operation of the HVAC unit, therefore it is safe to use.

Q: What Happens If BRIDLE Fails; Will My Air Conditioner Stop Working?

In the event of any failure on BRIDLE; the Air conditioner continues to operate. There is no need to panic, and you can at leisure call our service support to fix the BRIDLE fault separately. BRIDLE notifies the user of the app with pre-defined ERROR CODES if any of its hardware fails.

Q:Is There Any Maintenance Required For BRIDLE ? Will It Reduce My Burden On Maintenance Of My AC Unit?

BRIDLE is a plug-and-use device and does not require any periodical maintenance. However, you need to periodically maintain your AC unit as you did under normal conditions.

Q: Can I Avoid Using A Voltage Stabilizer When Using BRIDLE?

No, BRIDLE is not a power conditioning device; it is always recommended to use a Voltage stabilizer to protect your AC/COMPRESSOR from Power surges.

Q: Will BRIDLE Save Energy On Higher Star Rated ACs (Say 5 Star)?

BRIDLE is not an energy saver or power saver. 

BRIDLE is a smart thermostat that efficiently manages your average room temperature with dynamic dead-band and locks set temperature based on company policy to maintain and restrict unauthorized changes in temperature. By controlling all factors BRIDLE monitors the wastage of energy and can contribute to saving up to 30% even in 5-STAR AC.

Q: Will BRIDLE Maintain the Desired Comfort Levels In The Room?

BRIDLE will maintain desired comfort levels, and that can be evidently seen on the app provided and from the cloud. In the event of the AC unit having problems such as low gas pressure/clogged vents/undersized…etc. BRIDLE will still maintain the achievable comfort levels as your AC unit did under normal conditions.

Q.What solutions does 75F offer?


We built an IoT platform coupled with cloud-based computing to create a predictive and proactive building automation system that can address HVAC, Lighting and Energy Management needs. Whether you are looking to optimize comfort and productivity, increase energy efficiency or gain insight, our easily-deployed solutions eliminate inefficiencies, provide precise temperature control, improve air quality and bolster your bottom line.

Our Building Intelligence Solutions include:

     HVAC Control & Air Quality –

  • Dynamic Airflow Balancing

Achieve comfort in every room. Our smart dampers use predictive algorithms to create precise, efficient zone control.

  • Dynamic Chilled Water Balancing

A unique control solution for the Chilled water line of the Chiller System to understand, analyze and fine tune the performance under various conditions

  • Indoor Air Quality Management

The 75F automation solution with its cutting-edge technology achieves the ideal level of Indoor Air Quality and mixed air temperatures, maintaining air quality and saving energy at the same time for maximum comfort and productivity.

  • Outside Air Optimization

The 75F Outside Air Optimization (OAO) solution includes an economizer controller, CO2 sensor and cloud computing software with predictive analytics that provide optimum positioning of the outside air damper on HVAC units (AHUs) throughout the year.

Advanced Lighting Solution –

The solution includes a complete system to add multi-zone control for lighting in fixtures and signage to any facility. Using 75F Facilisight, facility managers can schedule and control their lighting systems.

Energy Management –
The 75F Portfolio Energy Manager offers multi-site visibility and insights on lighting and HVAC gas and electric energy consumption, intensity and costs. The solution offers remote control and manageability and the ability to manage scheduling changes remotely.

Q: How can 75F help save on HVAC energy consumption?

A:75F offers predictive, proactive solutions powered by IoT and Cloud Computing that help improve operational efficiency and occupant experience. Our solutions are primarily for HVAC and Lighting controls. 75F helps save energy on HVAC consumption by eliminating inefficiencies and providing precise temperature control. 75F solutions use predictive algorithms to create precise, efficient zone control. Read more about our solutions here. With real time data analytics and actionable insights, our solution improves both operational efficiency as well as occupant experience.


Q: What is unique about 75F’s solution?

A:The 75F Building Intelligence system is the only full stack (software + hardware + data analytics + UI) vertically integrated system that leverages IoT and cloud computing to predict, monitor and proactively manage various elements in a building including temperature, lighting, air quality and energy consumption. Dynamic buildings require dynamic solutions and the 75F system takes into consideration various measures including weather forecasts, building orientation and geographical location to arrive at the perfect solution to increase operational efficiency while improving the occupant experience.

Q: What type of buildings can benefit from 75F’s solutions?


Our solution is retrofit friendly and can be installed with minimum disruption at both greenfield projects as well as existing buildings. Our solution is best suited for Commercial buildings.  Specially in the following verticals:

  1. Offices
  2. Tech parks
  3. IT/ITeS
  4. BFSI
  5. Co-working
  6. Hotels
  7. Healthcare
  8. Retail
Q: Apart from energy savings, what other benefits does your solution provide?

A:75F solutions are predictive and proactive thanks to Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. Our solutions result in increased comfort, automation, remote monitoring and complete visibility into your facility in addition to delivering up to 50% energy savings.

Q: What does the name 75F mean?

A:75F stands for 75 Fahrenheit, which was set by the United Nations in 2008 as the optimum temperature in all its offices worldwide. Inspired by this, 75F seeks to deliver optimal comfort while saving the maximum energy.

Q:How does 75F compare to existing technologies?

A:75F offers the only full stack (software + hardware + data analytics) vertically integrated system that harnesses the power of IoT and Cloud computing to predict your facility’s needs and manage your VAC system proactively.  Unlike other building controls, 75F’s solution is retrofit friendly, can be installed 10 times faster, is user-friendly, cost effective, has automated monitoring and management and delivers higher energy savings and increased comfort and offers an ROI of as less as 3 years. 75F saves up to 50% on energy while improving Occupant Experience by up to 10%

      1. By deploying a vertically integrated suite of sensors, equipment controllers, software, building intelligence analytics and user interface
      2. Using Applied AI and Machine Learning to deliver predictive, proactive Building Controls
      3. Harnessing the power of IoT and Cloud Computing to predict, monitor and proactively manage various elements in a commercial building
Q:I have a BMS solution already, is it compatible?

A:Yes, 75F solution can work hand in hand with your BMS system.

Q:How much energy savings can 75F solutions deliver?

A:Our solutions can deliver up to 50% energy savings.

Q: What is the ROI of your solution?

A:75F solutions can deliver up to 50% energy savings on HVAC and Lighting, increased comfort, automation and complete visibility to your facility. Energy savings, lower installation cost, increased employee productivity and savings through automation, reduced equipment wear and tear lead to a Return on Investment (ROI) of less than 3 years.

Q:Is this a VAV/ Data Analytics/ BMS solution?

A:75F’s vertically integrated solution includes sensors, controllers, automation, analytics, energy management and user interface. In other words, it is equivalent to having a Sensors + VAV + BMS + Energy Management System + Building Analytics Software; all in one.

Q:Can it be installed in my existing facility?

A:Absolutely, 75F solution is retrofit friendly and offers a completely non-disruptive installation. Within a couple of days our installation can be completed, and all set to go with minimal disturbance to your occupants.

Q:How long will it take to install?

A:Our solution can be installed 80% faster than any other solution in the market. For e.g. in a 10000 sq. ft. facility our solution can be installed in just two days

Q:How does 75F ensure comfort is maintained?

A:The smart predictive controls of 75F Building Intelligence solutions automatically balance and optimize your office environment based on settings, individual preference and occupancy. 75F® Continuous Commissioning™ predictively and proactively keeps your indoor environment optimized. By continually monitoring a room’s needs, analyzing incoming data, and controlling what goes in and out, our system effectively manages your building’s energy loads. This prevents thermal discomfort by eliminating temperature imbalances, regardless of which heating or cooling system you have. 

Q:Who are 75F clients?

A:75F solutions have been deployed in the US, Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai and Singapore. Our APAC clientele includes FSL (Mumbai & Chennai), Flipkart (Bangalore), Maple Tree (Bangalore), Times of India (Noida), Mercedes Benz (Bangalore), LTI (Bangalore) and Altisource (Mumbai & Bangalore), HCL(Bangalore), SIT (Singapore).

Q:How much will the solution cost?

A:75F’s solution is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market. Moreover, with 50 savings on your energy bills, increased comfort and automation the payback period for your investment could be less than 3 years. The 75F team conducts a thorough site survey of facilities before determining the requirements and accordingly drawing up a cost proposal.