In the EC Drive Technology, EC stands for Electronically Commutated; which means the entire communication & control happens electronically with an encapsulated circuit fitted right back to motor.

EC-fans are driven by energy-saving motors with electronic control ensuring optimal operating efficiency. EC fans contain brushless synchronous motors, runs without slip and therefore no slippage losses occur. An excellent solution for demand responsive ventilation systems. EC-motors, which run silently in controlled operating conditions and also have longer service life due to lower winding temperatures resulting in lesser cooling wastage. As it is a direct driven system, there is no chance of belt losses, and also accounts for lesser wear & tear. For the same air volume& equivalent static pressure, they consume distinctly less energy than AC motors. They have high energy-saving potential at every load conditions irrespective of Load conditions



High efficiency
Low power consumption
Directly driven
Simple robust construction
Easy installation
Easy to clean
Low wear and tear; maintenance free
No additional accessories
Inbuilt motor speed control
Matches operating airflow requirements
Lower mechanical losses
Inbuilt IP65 electrical protection



● It is a DC Driven System, working on brushless motor.

● The drive does the frequency modulation to control the speed of the fan.

● The fans works in coordination where one acts as the master and rest as slaves.

EC FAN (1)

● The master gives the speed control commands to the entire Panel in unison with the requirement.

● In case the master fails, it automatically transfer the master command to another fan, so we can replace the master fan without hindrance to the working of AHU.



Energy Saving

Long Life Expectancy

Higher efficiency and Lower Noise

100% Speed Controllable

Lower Running Temperature Rise

Lightweight rugged construction

The AC/DC fans are double insulated, thus requiring no grounding

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Zydus Hosipra Oncology Pvt.Ltd